Cerabase Primer

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MARLDON CERABASE PROFESSIONAL FLOOR PRIMER is an exceptionally durable waterborne acrylic dispersion primer based on an advanced ceramic formulation. The tiny ceramic particles give excellent adhesion and strength, and superior flow and levelling. This primer is quick drying, easily sanded and is designed to minimise side-bonding.

Product Uses

MARLDON CERABASE FLOOR PRIMER is a one component acrylic primer formulated to prime wooden floors before coating with Marldon waterborne flooring lacquers.

Gain for the contractor

  • Unbeatable durability- extra protection on the first coat
  • Superb flow and levelling
  • Faster drying and curing
  • Very easy to use – 1 Coat Cerabase Primer followed by 2-3 coats of Ceramaxx Lacquer
  • Can be used on wood, PVC and lino

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